Julius Jones:

Julius Jones was arrested in 1999 for the murder of Paul Howell, which occured during a car jacking in Oaklahoma. Jones was put on death row in 2002, while his partner had to serve only 15 years in prison. His partner, Chris Jordan matched the description of the shooter, but Jones was still the one who was convicted. The evidence that convicted Jones was highly inconsistent and Jordan was even overheard bragging about how he set up Jones. Throughout Jones’ case there is blatant misinformation, lies, and racial bias. In his trial, one of the jurors even referred to Jones with a racial slur, and the judge ignored this, even though it was possible to have the juror removed from the trial. To add onto the pile of inconsistent information and racial bias, Jones had a solid alibi for what he was doing on the night of the murder. Julius Jones’ case is not uncommon, as this frequently happens to black men: they are convicted and put on death row, with little or inconsistent evidence.


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